20 November 2007

Ghost Town - Perth

Ghost Town, Giant Dice's new innovative game of urban exploration
played with the help of your mobile phone, is being unleashed on the
streets of Perth for one week, starting December 2nd, 2007. The game
uses a mashup of technology (bluetooth, SMS and VOIP) and the
physical world.

Alone or with family and friends, you'll uncover clues and solve
puzzles with the help of messages, pictures and even voice calls
received on their mobile phones. You'll search the CBD for special
stickers that unlock the game's challenges, all the while unraveling
a mysterious storyline. You can explore the game at your own pace,
giving you a chance to appreciate some of Perth?s most interesting
spaces. By taking the game from the screen to the streets, Ghost Town
promotes active and healthy gaming. Best of all, Ghost Town is being
run as a free community event as part of the ByteMe! Festival. Ghost
Town was created by Giant Dice (www.giantdice.com), a new Perth-based
pervasive gaming company.

To play: Come to the Ghost Town booth at the Perth Town Hall between
10am and 5pm (Dec 2 to Dec 9).
Cost: FREE
Players require a mobile phone with Bluetooth.

Ghost Town: http://www.giantdice.com/ghosttown
Giant Dice: http://www.giantdice.com

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