12 November 2007

Arno Coenen

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"The wide variety of materials that Arno Coenen has been probing as an artist - stained glass, bill-board scale prints, glass mosaics, computer generated film, ceramics, digital video, live action performance, reflect a seemingly equally dispersed array of themes and topics: new Dutch folklore of modern architecture and Gabber youth underground techno dance culture, the TV test image, a roadtrip through the hyperreal landscape of West-Coast USA, computer game heroin Lara Croft, oppressive virtual reality machineries, 100 clichés of net.culture as digital mantra's, impressions of big-city life at the fringes of urban existence, a kickboxer as popular heroS¹. But within this variety Coenen finds a common ground. All of his heroes exist at the fringes of popular and mass culture. "



This video was selected for its format {brickfilm} and its content. The montevideo collection did not contain any samples of machinima which I would have like to have included, so the historical progressi
on ends here.

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