23 June 2008

Mikosa Mural - Amsterdam

The Mikosa Mural, Amsterdam/Rivaterrein

Six international renowned artists and friends of Mikosa Foundation paint the mural of the former Groeneveldgarage in the Baarsjesweg 200, starting Friday June 20th: The Boghe, Morcky, Wayne Horse, Zedz, The London Police en Lordh expect to finish the wall painting on June 29th.

Its official presentation takes place on July 12th at Studio Meneer de Wit next door, including a presentation of the making-of through photos and film, music, live-painting and the release of the upcoming Mikosa Magazine Issue#05. The idea to create a new mural painting originates from Mikosa Foundation.

All artists have own websites where more information about their work can be found: www.boghe.net, www.galman.net, www.waynehorse.com, www.zedz.org, www.thelondonpolice.com and www.lordh.net. Several partners enable this project: Mikosa Foundation, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Carhartt, Henxs, MTN, Modart Magazine, Kristal, Ymere, De Baarsjes district and GLGP.

For more information and to receive a detailed press kit with info about Mikosa and the artists: Claudius Gebele, mi@mikosa.net


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