05 June 2008

Nancy Spero - De Appel

19 Apr — 22 Jun 2008 Exhibition
Nancy Spero "Spero Speaks"
Opening: Friday 18 April, from 6pm onwards in de Appel
Curator: Roel Arkesteijn (NL)

Nancy Spero (Cleveland, Ohio, 1926) ranks as one of the most important artists of her generation. To mark the release of the unique publication “Codex Spero. Nancy Spero Selected Writings and Interviews 1950-2008” compiled by curator Roel Arkesteijn (Scheveningen, 1974), de Appel will host a solo exhibition by this prominent American artist on the first floor of its premises.

The publication,* issued in collaboration with Roma Publications was conceived as an ‘artistic testament’ and as such, differs fundamentally from other monographs. This ‘radical manifest’ contains a choice selection of artist’s texts, personal statements, notes and interviews. The exhibition includes exemplary works from different phases of Spero’s lengthy artistic career. The diptych sheds new light on the ‘persona’ Spero, as artist, but also as activist, feminist and mentor.

* "Codex Spero. Nancy Spero Selected Writings and Interviews 1950-2008” (20 X 27 cm, integrally bound, 192 pages) Soon on sale in de Appel or on order via www.orderromapublications.org


Hans-Ulrich Obrist
Conversation with Nancy Spero

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