21 September 2005

Alexandra Gillespie

In her study of the motion after effect, Brisbane-based artist Alexandra Gillespie presents an engaging interactive video installation that simulates the residual effects of a journey from urban to non-urban space.

The work explores, and is named after, the illusionary experience of the motion after effect. This physiological phenomenon occurs when a subject moves in one direction continuously, then stops and stares at a fixed point in space; upon stopping the background appears to move in the opposite direction to that the viewer has travelled. The artist has likened this experience to that of journeying out of the city: here the buzz of the city is replaced by the hiss of nature and the sound of singular footsteps.

opening: Wednesday 31 August, 6pm
exhibition: 1 September - 9 October, 2005

Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA)

Alexandra Gillespie is a media artist based in Brisbane. She is interested in exploring the intersection of virtual and actual space and responding to existing sites. Her work often investigates the experience of the everyday utilising, installation, interactivity and projection.

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