14 September 2005

women on waves

Women on Waves is a non-profit organisation which sets itself the objective of promoting the human rights of the woman and of preventing unwanted pregnancies and unsafe, illegal abortions. One of the foundation’s best-known projects is the Abortion boat. Through cunning use of maritime law, just outside the 12-mile zones of countries where abortion is forbidden women can be helped with information and with actual abortions. These actions are legal according to Dutch law and according to international Maritime law, which is recognised by the countries that are visited. The ship sails under the Dutch flag, and abortions are provided by a team of Dutch medical practitioners on Dutch 'territory'. For the performance of the so-called over time treatment, a medical abortion in the first 6 weeks of pregnancy, official permission from the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports (VWS) has been granted since 28th June 2002.

Thus, women are actively assisted and local organisations are supported and inspired in their struggle for the legalisation of abortion. You will find more information on www.womenonwaves.org . For press information about the activities of WoW, please refer to the contact addresses on this website.

from mediamatic article on 2003 exhibition

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