21 September 2005

The Sneeze

In conjunction with the Gazon Rouge Gallery Athens, the artists and curators
Peter Lloyd Lewis (UK) and Natasha Makowski (USA) have brought together a global grouping of eighty invited artists to provide videos of 80 second length each. These have been edited together to form a single work resembling a feature film format length of 106 minutes. This global grouping of artists represents each continent. The exhibition will open in June 2004. The event will coincide with the Olympic Games and relative Cultural Olympiad.

The project refers to the ethos of the Olympic Games where individuals come together to compete and yet form an event that celebrates diversity of cultures but a harmony of intention. The end forms a 'whole', an event.

The Gazon Rouge Gallery Athens and artists Natasha Makowski and Peter Lloyd Lewis have invited a global grouping of 80 international artists to present videos that together produce one complete work, a celebration of image diversity and unknown connections.

Applying a new equation to art synthesis and artist collaboration.

This project pays homage to and refers to Thomas Edisons innovative kinograph film of a sneeze, a random and connective act. Acknowledging both the importance of the event in moving image history and considering the idea of its experimental reference the sneeze 80 x 80 explores the relationships between video art, feature film, and the idea of connections being made between artists and their work through the questioning of hierarchies, the exploration of narrative and the creative use of time structure. All experienced through the equation of 80 x 80. The concept has not been to form a cohesive and unquestioning result but to use the format for ideas to clash and provoke re-readings of work and their relationships through their placing with the other pieces presented.


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