22 September 2005

Witch Trials

Patricia Tabram, a cannabis-growing grandmother, said today that she expects to be sent to jail after police discovered four marijuana plants in her home. The 66-year-old, who says that she is "medicating" friends who are sick or in pain because conventional medicines do not work, compared herself to Emmeline Pankhurst, the pioneering suffragist, saying she was willing to face her fate.
"I realise I am going to go to prison," she added. "Emmeline Pankhurst had to go to prison three times before women got the vote so I am not going to be worried about it.

I’m just an old, grey, tubby grandma and I’m going to fight this."

Mrs Tabram, who prides herself on her homemade herbal cookies, casseroles and soups, cuts an unlikely figure as a drug user. She has cooked up treats laced with cannabis for neighbours and friends in her village since being introduced to the Class C drug last year by friends and finding that it helped to alleviate the symptoms of depression, whiplash and neck pain.

Northumbria Police were tipped off about the savoury smells and activities coming from Mrs Tabram’s bungalow and twice raided her house, in May and June last year.

from times online

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