21 September 2005

Institute of Modern Art Brisbane

September 2 – October 8

FlashPlanet2005 & Cities Through Glass
Mischa Kuball
Galleries 1 & 2
Gallery 1 will be used to present a video-moving image projection work to be produced on site in Brisbane, and in response to the urban, built environment of Brisbane. Kuball has produced similar projects: an installation at Neue National Galerie Berlin 1999/2000; City thru Glass', a collaboration between Virgin Cinemas Roppongi Hills x Mori Art Museum Collaboration, Tokyo/Japan, 2004, and Stadt durch Glas (mounted in Moskau / Düsseldorf / Moskau), 2003/2004. Kuball will shoot and produce the video in Brisbane: the IMA will provide the production and support(editing and burning video to DVD), and technical support for presentation.

Gallery 2 will be used to present an extant work, based on Kuball’s ongoing projects that utilise light and text movement generated by modified slide projectors. Examples: "Space-Speech-Speed", 1998; Power of Codes - Space of Speech, Installation at Tokyo National Museum October 1999; and 'Paracities' at the 'Casino Luxembourg' for the exhibition 'Strange Paradises', 2000. Quoting curator Karin Stempel (1998): “letters seem to dart ... across the walls, stretched, bent, and totally isolated from their context, hovering in space, mysteriously appearing and disappearing like the proverbial writing on the wall, the indecipherable transcription of a meaning which cannot assume any form, for movement itself is its form.”

To listen to or download an interview with Mischa click here

The Shadowers

Monika Tichacek
Gallery 4
' The Shadowers’ by Sydney multi-media artist Monika Tichacek, was originally commissioned as a 3 screen video work by the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) for ‘2004: Australian Culture Now’, a collaborative exhibition with the National Gallery of Victoria.
Cruelty and oppression with ritualised violence are revealed in phantasmic images expressing Tichacek’s concerns for humanity. Psychological agony is played out in a series of games set against nature, some harmoniously but most brutally. Tichacek is a fore-runner to the real political detention, torture and humiliation exposed in the Abu Ghraib Prison videos – she has forecast the present world horrors in her work.
Tichacek explores a range of media, including video, photography, sculpture, drawing and performance. She meticulously conceives, designs and constructs the sets, costumes and materials used in the performances and personally stars in her videos.
Monika Tichacek is represented by Karen Woodbury Gallery, Melbourne

To listen to or download an interview with Monika click here


Charles Robb
Crop is an exhibition of vivid figurative “parts” that forms the latest instalment in sculptor Charles Robb’s ongoing project of self portraiture. The works are all life-size and range in effect from the graphic realism of Baroque religious sculpture to the sombre tones of Neo-classical marble. In their representations of the male body, the works in Crop reference a broad spectrum of sculptural representation, including the medical model, the waxworks dummy and the special effects prop. At the heart of the work, however, is Robb’s critique of the male relationship with the world of images and the body itself, revealing that relationship as composite, incomplete and fundamentally narcissistic.

To listen to or download an interview with Charles click here

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