13 June 2007

Cool Media Hot Talk Show - De Balie

“Cool Media Hot Talk Show” is a series of do-it-yourself interactive talk shows, where the public proposes and selects the topics, speakers, questions, and determines the final scenarios of the show, using the project interface on the internet. The live show that results from this public selection takes place at De Balie - Center for Culture and Politics in Amsterdam, and is streamed live via the internet. The public can participate in the live event either by using the web interface or mobile phones: submit and select immediate questions and comments, evaluate speakers’ performance. The system is fully automated: The selection process of proposals and the decision making is based on direct voting by participants. There is no top-down authoritarian mediation and moderation at this level. A moderator will intervene only if the rules of conduct declared at the project’s web site are abused.

New Media Art Mythologies
on: 5 Jun 2007

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