11 June 2007

Virtual Creatures

The internet is full of artificial life, as you surf the web you might happen upon some of these invented beings. In this online exhibition we have brought together the work of five artists who have created their own virtual creatures for you to play with. These creatures all live in cyberspace , where you can pet, tease, manipulate and connect with them.

A different creature will be highlighted each month at
www.folly.co.uk/creatures to encourage visitors to explore the meaning
and intent behind the creature's creation and existence, connect with
other visitors and folly staff by contributing to discussions and
express their opinions in forums and comments sections.


Click here to launch line_disease!

What is line_disease?
line_disease is dedicated to lines - creatures which are omnipresent, but so easily overlooked. It is an environment where these lines can grow and develop over time. You can add more lines, and add food to help them develop. The artwork also includes a written piece - in his description the artist talks of these simple creatures taking over, gaining power, or alternatively fading away – your input decides the fate of this environment, yet as you’ll gradually discover, you’re not in control.

What can we do with it?

line_disease is a change in pace from some of the other more excitable Virtual Creatures. It starts with a single line. You can add more with the left mouse button and give them food with the right mouse button, eventually they’ll reproduce. This environment needs your care and attention to get going, and you’ll never quite know how it’s going to turn out. Spend some time reading the artist’s description of his work - his words are likely to have an effect on how you think and care about these simplest of life forms.

Who is the artist?

Christian Schneider is a generativei artist and computer scientist from Switzerland. Visit his website at christianschneider.ch

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