12 June 2007

guide to Australian new media art

In Repertoire: A guide to Australian new media art is a vital introduction to new media art practice in Australia. Illustrated throughout with examples of work, In repertoire contains essays on the development of digital art and hybrid art practice in Australia, and the funding, exhibition and educational resources that support practice.

The term 'new media art' (sometimes called 'electronic' or 'digital art') includes work that is often, though not always, screen-based and is experienced via computer, on CD-ROM or online, in galleries on screens and in installations, and is increasingly interactive. Hybrid art (sometimes called multi-platform) combines artforms, most prominently in installation and in performance.

Australian new media art is realising the creative potential of digital technologies and bringing together traditionally discrete artforms in new permutations. Its ongoing 'new-ness' comes from a sense of adventure, of unfolding possibilities for artist and audience.


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