30 June 2007

Your Second Life avatar LIVE

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Your Second Life avatar LIVE on Amsterdam television?! (30 June 2007) By: Hoeksteen Leven
Nederlandstalige info via debalie.nl].

The last hour of this saturdays edition of De Hoeksteen Live! will be dedicated to the famous multi player virtual world SECOND LIFE. If you would like your avatar or building, sim, or events to be live on two Amsterdam Public Access television channels A1 + A2, please contact SL resident Hoeksteen Leven or our cymeraman Ze Moo And please join the SL group: ´Amsterdam TV´ We can come to film at your SL-place with our virtual live-tv-crew!

You can show the internet-tv also on your SL-moviescreens! Livestream SL-land-URL:

rtsp:// (about 1000 kbps H.264/ Mpeg4) Like at Planetart´s land on Enschede (SLURL) slurl.com/secondlife/Enschede/27/227/23/

Or watch on the web by copy/pasting this url in your Quicktime player:

Saturdaynight, june 30th 2007: 03:00-04:00 CEST (= PDT 6pm-7pm saturdayafternoon SL time)

This interactive tv experiment is in cooperation with: Salto, De Balie Live, DFM RTV INT - The RPG Mall, The Collective - Cinema Leeds, The Story Islands, Second Enschede, , Planetart, and Media.Live.Nu

Check these SL snapshots on DeBalie.nl from april´s spontanious experiments with SL on TV + TV in SL. Has this already been done anywhere else in the world? Please let us know!


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