11 June 2007


The boiler room

The boiler room has last year a serious verbouwing undergoes. The cinema room of 140 is based on has made for three new rooms: two rooms of 50 are based on and one room of 143 is based on. Moreover there is a larger café. The principle programme of the boiler room - offering a vertonings -, unique in our country, and meeting spot for the Dutch film and television - in this new infrastructure nóg more generously, more adequately and more decisive its seizure will get. Also the European quality film will profit at occasion of the enlarging of the vertoningscapaciteit. The new rooms have been devised by Ramin Visch, the architect who signed also for the deduction from public service pension to allow for simultaneous payment of $AOW of the old boiler room. The design is download of www.raminvisch.nl.


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