11 June 2007

Shaun Gladwell - The Hague

The Hague Museum of Photography is one of the main guest locations for this year’s tenth Hague open-air sculpture exhibition: DE OVERKANT / DOWN UNDER.

The museum is presenting work by three leading Australian photographers: Tracey Moffat, Anne Zahalka and Bill Henson.

Also on show are video works by three other Australian artists: Shaun Gladwell, Tracey Moffatt and Patricia Piccinini.


I didn’t even know he was a skateboarder. I was just transfixed by the beauty of this image of this skater pirouetting in slow motion, with the huge drama of the sea; the seascape behind him this incredible storm at sea. All these were elements of luck; the storm and so forth. And then with the rain falling on the lens of the camera transforming what was a video piece it becomes almost a pointillist, almost an impressionist painting, as the blurring, still with this figure eternally circling almost like an angel or some celestial body ready to return to another void; to another planet; to another world.
Gladwell extends his recent work with extreme sports in the gravity-defying “Tangara”, and particularly the urban practice of skateboarding in three major video works; “Linework”, “Kickflipper: fragments edit”, and “Storm Sequence”. The video works place emphasis on the city (Sydney) as a stage for choreographed performances and intervention, where strict rules increasingly determine the use of public space / transport / art / architecture.


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