28 April 2008


About Catfight
Posted on May 7th, 2007 at 7:59 pm by admin

Catfight is an all female graffmagazine that shows all aspects of graffiti. Since our foundation in april 2005, we aim to publish our magazine 3 times per year to show you the best and most recent works.

Want to send your pics, or do you have any questions?
Mail us: bitchesincontrol at hotmail dot com

Catfight is made by all the contributors that send in their photos, artworks and stories.
The editor does not take any responsibility of the photos and texts that are displayed in the magazine. Images of Catfight Magazine may not be used in other media without permission of the editor. Prints of Catfight Magazine may not be used for commercial purposes.

Where to get/buy Catfight
You can only get the magazine here, on our site. You are welcome to download it (and print it yourself ). Selling printed copies of the downloaded magazine is prohibited.
Only Catfight #06 is for sale, and not available for download.



For this year’s annual graffiti radio special, “Put the Needle on the Record” host Billy Jam will present an all female graffiti artist panel discussion with talented & respected graffiti artists Lady Pink, Muck, Toofly, and Dona - all of whom are collaborators in a current installation at the Bronx Museum titled “Activism Is Never Done.” Joining in the all-women graffiti artist discussion will be Karla Murray photo-journalist & co-author of the graffiti books “Burning New York” and “Broken Windows.

April 4, 2008: Annual WFMU Graf Special: Graffiti Women feat. Lady Pink, Muck, & Toofly + photojournalist Karla Murray | See the playlist | Listen (RealAudio) | Listen (MP3 - 128K) | Pop‑up player!

pictures here

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