15 April 2008

paste it up - basel


Hey Fellas

Short Facts in english:

We are planning to do an european chamionship with cut outs from (Maybe) YOU! The whole event wil be held during the european soccer championship in Basel. We invite all cut out artists from europe to send us their work and participate in the contest to win the trophy.

We are an assosiation located in Basel, Switzerland with a co-assosiation in Amsterdam, Netherlands, that aims to support the idea of streetart and urban art. We try to open the eyes of the public for this kind of art and hope to improve its acceptance.

The work You send in will be shown at an exhibition in the Sommercasino, Basel. The location is situatet in the heart of Basel and nearby the soccer stadium. Therefore we hope to get a lot of attention from locasl as well as tourists. The visitors vote over the winner while they are at the exhibition.

Deppending on the funds we can raise we plan to have an exhibiton for 9 days. 3 Days of exhibition are guarantied though!

During the exhibition we will have live Graffiti Paintings and free Workshops.

Your Work will be placed in the exhibition inside of the building. The location will have an urban decoration so that the cut out and paste ups look like they are placed somewhere in the street.

So if u are interested in participating you are very welcome to send your work to us. We will inform everybody about the exact date as soon as possible.

Feeel free to comment or mail us for further questions.


Contest rules

Able receive the award of the European Championship will be all artists from europe. Showing your work at the exhibiton is open for everyone from all over the world, since we also try to show a broad spectre of this kind of streetart.

The award will be for paste ups and cut outs only. If you send us stickers or other kind of streetart, we will place it within the exhibition but it won't be able to win anything (but sympathy ^^).

Pleas send us your finished peace of work. This way the visitors will get a picture of your work that represents it the best. We also try to get a "street" feeling at the exhibition with pasted up cut outs and not just to have a picture gallery.

Please no ilegal or racist content...

Please tkae note, that we won't be able to send back your stuff. we will keep it and either place it somewhere in the streets of switzerland or keep it for future exhibitions.

if someone wants to buy a piece of art we inform the artist and he then deceides over the price and the conditions.

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