17 April 2008

Nancy Spero - De Appel

De Appel presents:

Nancy Spero “Spero Speaks”
Exhibition and publication

Guestcurator: Roel Arkesteijn
19 April 2008 – 22 June 2008.

Opening Friday 18 April, from 6 pm onwards

Nancy Spero (Cleveland, Ohio, 1926) ranks as one of the most important artists of her generation. To mark the release of the unique publication “Codex Spero. Nancy Spero Selected Writings and Interviews 1950 -2008” compiled by curator Roel Arkesteijn (Scheveningen, 1974), de Appel will host a solo exhibition by this prominent American artist on the first floor of its premises. The exhibition includes exemplary works from different phases of Spero’s lengthy artistic career: from her acerbic anti-Vietnam protests from the second half of the 1960s, via her text- orientated, feminist indictments of the 1970s, up to the exuberant, meters- long images that have occupied her since the beginning of the 1980s, in which she brings together representations of women from different times and cultures. “Codex Spero.Nancy Spero Selected Writings and Interviews 1950 -2008” (20x27cm, integral binding, 192 pages), a co-production between de Appel and Roma Publications, is on sale in de Appel or on order via www.orderromapublications.org. Also on sale: the poster “Nancy Spero’s Alphabet of Hieroglyphs”.

Paul Sietsema "Three Films"

Curator: Ann Demeester (BE/NL)
19 April - 25 May 2008. Opening Friday 18 April, from 6 pm onwards

The American artist Paul Sietsema (Los Angeles, 1968) made his name during the last decade with a small but sophisticated body of cinematic work comprising three 16mm films; a modest production, but rich in content and exceptionally multi-layered. For Sietsema's first one-man exhibition in Europe the films - "Untitled (Beautiful Place)", "Empire" and the just completed "Figure 3" - are now being shown together for the first time on the second floor of de Appel.
Sietsema's projects have involved complex research processes rather than 'pure' films. Over a lengthy period - generally three to four years - Sietsema produces drawings, collages, objects and spaces, sketches and notes. These eventually culminate in the realisation of atmospheric 16mm films in which he creates daring connections between different historical periods and artistic movements. Sietsema takes as his point of departure here the cinematic ideas of avant-garde filmmakers from the 1920s. Sietsema's work focuses on the conditioned nature of the human gaze and the idea that historical knowledge is relative since it is rooted in (subjective) perception, in 'the eye of the beholder'. The complex triangular relationship between the notions of (photographic) reproduction, 'remake' and representation plays a prominent role in all his projects. Work by Sietsema is also currently on show at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (until 22 June 2008) and the 5th edition of the Berlin Biennial (until 15 June).

Guided tours of the exhibitions by curators Roel Arkesteijn and Ann Demeester: Friday May 2 at 6pm and Sunday May 25 at 5pm. Reservation required via reservation@deappel.nl.

And in The Shadow Cabinet:
"Master Humphrey's Clock" : phase II

19 April — 25 May 2008. Opening Friday 18 April, from 6 pm onwards

A fixed part of the auxiliary programme of de Appel is The Shadow Cabinet. 'Emerging' curators and past and present students of the Curatorial Programme (CP), which de Appel has been running since 1994, occupy the former directors office. The Shadowcabinet has been chosen by the Curatorial Programme 07/08* as one of the venues of "Master Humphrey's Clock"; a project that explores the many intersections between circulation and storytelling.
On Friday April 18, the Shadow Cabinet reopens with works by (a.o.) Nick Mangan (AU/DE), Sandy Plotnikoff (CA), Radim Peško and Louis Lüthi (NL). The exhibition in the Shadow Cabinet is one of the entry points to the upcoming exhibition that opens on Sunday 11 May, 3pm (until 8 June, 2008) in various locations in Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht, including Het Gebouw, a pavilion by artist Stanley Brouwn and architect Bertus Mulder.

*Yulia Aksenova, Jesse Birch, Sarah Farrar, Inti Guerrero and Virginija Januskeviciute

For further information see www.masterhumphreysclock.nl.

For more information please contact Hiske Zomer: hzomer@deappel.nl or see our website www.deappel.nl.

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