05 April 2008

A Romantic Night in de Appel

Until April 6 you can come and see the exposition "To Burn Oneself to Oneself: the Romantic Damage Show" in de Appel.

This exhibition is set up as an investigation into, and a plea for, the Romantic stance of the artist.

For more information about the exhibition see www.deappel.nl.

On Sunday April 6 at 3 pm. curator Mark Kremer will give a guided tour. Reservation required at reservation@deappel.nl

In collaboration with the cultural datingsite of Mediamatic (www.mediamatic.net/dating) and Gastarbeider Dating (www.mediamatic.net/gastarbeider), curated by Irina Birger & Katja Sokolova, de Appel organises a Romantic night in de Appel.

One of the first successful couples artists Irina Birger and Serge Onnen who have met during Russian Brides Week (www.mediamatic.net/russianbrides) a part of Gastarbeider Dating in Mediamatic, will spend the night in de Appel on the last day (April 6). During this Romantic night they will have the whole exhibition for themselves.

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