04 October 2005

The All-Australian Show

Maree Azzopardi - Paul Ferman -
Matthew Griffin - John McRae -
Tracey Moffatt - Selina Ou
October 22 - December 10 '05

LipanjePuntin artecontemporanea
Via Diaz 4 - 34121 Trieste - Italy |


Press Release translated from the Italian via babelfish

Artecontemporanea LipanjePuntin has the pleasure to accommodate THE ALL-AUSTRALIAN SHOW. The extension, cured and devised from Jonathan Turner and Tristian Koenig and realized in collaboration with the Contemporary Bridge of Rome, introduces the job of six Australian artists who are confronted between photography and multimediale.

Tracey Moffatt is sure l¹artista Australian more known in the world with extensions in the main museums and galleries in Australia, America, Asia and Europe. Its job, through one strongly irony, turns one all¹estetica threatening look of the past. Love (2003), a cortometraggio of 23 minuteren, realized in collaboration with Gary Hillberg, offers one to us cracked hollywoodiano d¹amore fact and hatred, of violence and dolcezza.

The photographic series of Azzopardi Tides, inspired all¹uomo without face of the story of Apollinaire the poète assassiné, is based on the vision of one joint-stock company and accredited. A feminine mask without expression that assumes the personality of a boy of seven years. In the main cities d¹Australia, country with one strongly ethics care the problems dell¹ambiente and of the recycling, the local municipalities organizes regular ³tip-out nights². To the residents old furnitures come asked to put on the edge of the road all those cumbersome refusals (, household-electric routes) that they cannot be classifies to you like normal domestic trash, for being collected from means of the municipality.

This is the matter of the job more recent than Paul Ferman: great photos to colors of cumuli d¹immondizia and objects damage that they become the testimony of a past and al same time to you the precise documentation of many personal history.

Matthew Griffin is one of the more interesting and promising authors of the autraliana artistic scene. Appreciated for wall drawings and the photographies, Griffin particularly is interested and inspired from the gansta rap and the death metal Norwegian, but also from the fashionable photography and all the hollywoodiane appropriations dell¹art house cinema and from culture POP in a generalized manner. Its works in extension are one selection of the more recent photographic job, included the releases of the series Norvegian Swetshop, selected from Ricky Swallow, representative of the pavilion d¹Australia to the Biennial one of Venice, for the cover of the magazine Hotrod di Oslo.

Selina Ou introduces us a selection of photographies of the series Gold Coast that us extension the tropical landscape dell¹Australia of the north as a space where truth and s¹incontrano fantasy. A place where false Marilyn Monroe and Japanese and Canadian surfisti are assembled and is met stirring itself with the inhabitants of the place. Ou has gained many important prizes in Australia, included the Tasmanian Art Prize and prestigious Australia Council Residency to Tokyo. Its more recent personal extension is currently in course to Madrid in the prestigious within of Photo España.

Sailor Style di John McRae is one photographic series ³documentario². They are images that bring back to us to the film photograms sure in Technicolor of years Fifty, where sailors in uniform white women or to torso knot rest with to one classic femme fatal in red dress. Released to Malta, in the port of the Valletta, the photos express full un¹atmosfera of hope, l¹attesa of one new freedom, that present state d¹animo therefore to Malta endured after the Second World war.

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