09 October 2005

lancelot fights back

Former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren has denied plagiarising a French composer for a song on the soundtrack for movie Kill Bill 2.

Benjamin Beduneau, also known as Lancelot, accuses Mr McLaren of copying his music to create About Her.

A lawyer for Mr McLaren told a court in Angers, France, his client was the true author of the song. Bruno Ryterband said it was created from music samples which Mr McLaren had asked Mr Beduneau to compile.

But Mr Beduneau contends he submitted the piece, called Smith Ballad, to Mr McLaren for a tribute project to fashion designer Christian Dior that did not happen. He said he registered the song with the French performers' rights body Sacem in 2003, and is demanding damages and the return of the original recordings.

Mr Ryterband told the court Mr McLaren, who was not at the hearing, had copyrighted the song in the UK and US But he admitted Mr McLaren could not play the piano or any other musical instrument.

The hearing was adjourned until 10 November.

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