15 October 2005

media centre network

Media Centre Network provides offices, studios, live-work spaces, IT, digital telephony and events for the Creative Industries sector. It manages centres in Huddersfield and Leeds and an innovative creative programme which includes international residencies, an exhibition programme, Ultrasound: a digital music festival and arts events focussing on digital media. With 200 companies and over 500 people it is one of the most innovative clusters of creative and media enterprises in the UK.

The Creative Programme comprises four core activities: Medialounge; Artist in Residence Programme; Projects; Speakers Corner and the Ultrasound festival, designed to facilitate synergies, knowledge sharing, collaboration and partnerships between artists, researchers, academics, and creative networks regionally, nationally and internationally.
Audio Installation
Huddersfield Art Galley
10 November - end of December 2005

Hidden stories brought alive through the turntable ro.tate is an audio installation based on personal accounts relating to journeys/ migration/identity/social attitudes/cultural stereotypes from the perspective of Huddersfield’s settled and diverse new migrant communities. The audio captured reflects real life issues, poignant tales, and feelings of memory, relating to movement – spatial and mental.

To begin with stories were collected through a digital voice recorder. The narrative pieces represent different accents, dialects and languages spoken. The audio has been pressed onto vinyl incorporating elements of found and manipulated sounds by artist Ed Martin [www.v3ctor.com] to create an emotional resonance.

ro.tate will be exhibited as part of Black History Month together with an exhibition of photographs on migration. The physical installation will consist of a turntable and a stack of vinyl for visitors to select their choice of vinyl to listen to; attendees will have the freedom to play whatever is of interest to them.

ro.tate is a partnership project between Kreative Response Diverse Arts and Mandeep Kandola and has been designed as a creative tool for archiving and sharing stories.

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