06 October 2005


Resfest in Amsterdam 8-9th October

RESFEST makes its long awaited Holland debut
this weekend with special guest speakers
Johan Kramer (11:59) from Holland
and Oury Atlan (Over Time) fromParis;
and full on launch party with OPTIMO, BOOZOO
BAJOU and WHO MADE WHO at Nighttown Rotterdam on
Friday Oct 7th.

RESFEST NL's other highlights include
live graffiti at De Balie by local R'dam crew Anti Strot,
art installations by A Blue Chicken,
photo and art in the CODE/Carhartt Gallery
and an exhibition of OS GEMEOS
unique works from Ginga
plus big sound club screenings of the exclusive Dutch Mix,
Videos That Rock, Ginga and Just for Kicks at Sugar Factory &
Bitterzoet. Expect more surprises.
Shorts 1

Cutting-edge digital techniques intertwine with narratives that draw on radically divergent sources in this eclectic group of short films. Over Time is an emotive ode to Jim Henson's creative genius by a French student group, while Winner Take Steve is a short commentary of the competitive spirit of Middle America by Napoleon Dynamite director Jared Hess. Serious critical insights on the roots of terrorism and perceptions of cultural outsiders can be found in Flesh and 11:59, while the program's remaining pieces include some of the most visually groundbreaking, hilarious and poignant recent work in the realm of short form film, video and animation.

Shorts Three

In RESFEST's third shorts program, hidden and frightening creatures and unseen forces mingle in a vortex of dark humor, grotesque imagery and harrowing narratives. Renegade director Chris Cunningham emerges from the shadows to present his new short Rubber Johnny, a troubling portrait of a mutant child exiled by his parents to a subterranean purgatory. In Little Pony, Stylewar's Filip Engström creates a bizarre aerial duel between a cigarette-smoking ace and a squadron of enemy flyers in the skies above a typical American living room on Christmas Eve, while Australian daredevil filmmaker Nash Edgerton pushes himself to the limit in his heart-stopping stunt film, Lucky. This collection of visually astounding work harnesses thrills, monstrous forms and mysterious encounters to create edge-of-your-seat entertainment.


As digital technologies have become ever more affordable and advanced, a generation of filmmakers inspired by the collage art of yesteryear has grown adept and stitching together and recontextualizing elements of the world around us. The Cut and Paste program runs the gamut of these styles, from video mash-ups to gorgeous handmade animation, demonstrating the unique emotional and cognitive impact of being able to see creators' fingerprints on their work.

Amsterdam Venues

de Balie

Kleine Garmanplatsoen 10, 1017 RR, Amsterdam
Tickets: 31 20 55 35 100/151
from 13.00 to 20.30hrs

The box office is open every day from 17.00 to half hour before screening starts.

6 euros – single screening ticket
16 euros – Day Pass

Spuistraat 2, Amsterdam

Sugar Factory
Lijnbaansgracht 238. Amsterdam
Advance Tickets at Concerto 31 20 623 5228


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