31 October 2005

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Sinterklaas uit Spanje.nl verleende al reeds meerdere malen haar medewerking aan diverse TV programma's.

Kevin Masters starring Tom Rhodes (Yorin)

Editie NL* - Bekijk filmpje! - (RTL4) * Alleen de kostuums en de Zwarte Pieten

Lijn4 (RTL4)

I Love Sint (NET5)

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Sinterklaas 2005

On a Saturday between November 12th and 18th, Sinterklaas comes by ship from Spain to officially enter the country. Each year he arrives at a different seacoast town or river harbor. Large crowds gather to greet the good saint, who arrives accompanied by many colorful Piets. Dutch National Television broadcasts the festivities so the entire country may share the celebration. This is the official start of Sinterklaas season. Sinterklaas arrives in Amsterdam the next day, Sunday. He then spends the weeks until 5 December (the Eve of Sinterklaas) going about the countryside, visiting homes, schools, and churches, to determine if the children have been good.

In 2005 the official entry will be Saturday, November 12, in Sneek.

Sinterklaas boat on canal, lined by crowds
Alkmaar 2004

videos from previous years

On a Sunday in the middle of November, St. Nicholas, known as Sinterklaas in the Netherlands, arrives in Amsterdam. Around 11:30 am the steamboat from Spain moors by the Central Train Station across from Sint Nikolaaskerk. Deafening salutes and ringing church bells fill the air, as the mayor welcomes the good saint before he mounts his white (or gray) horse. The fun begins at noon with a big parade: Sinterklaas accompanied by many Zwarte Pieten, brass bands, beautiful floats, officials in cars, and colorful groups of jesters, cycling clowns, and more. Thousands of pounds of sweets and pepernoten have been put in burlap sacks for the acrobatic Piets to throw to the crowds lining the streets. The parade winds along the Damrak to the Rembrandtplein coming to an end at the Leidesplein. Here, around 2:15 pm, from the balcony of the city theatre, the Stadsschouwburg, Sinterklaas addresses crowds of children and their parents.

Thus begins "Sinterklaas Season" when Sinterklaas and his helpers travel around the country, visiting hospitals, schools, shops, restaurants, and even homes during the three weeks before the main Sinterklaas celebration. Sint and his Piets seem to be everywhere at once, asking about children's behavior and listening through chimneys. The children leave their shoes out with carrots and hay for the horse. In exchange the Piets put candy or a small gift in the shoes to be found in the morning.

2005: Sinterklass will arrive in Amsterdam on Sunday, November 20.

The Official 2005 National Entry in Sneek, Saturday, November 12, will be telecast live on Dutch national television.

1930's footage of the arrival of sinterklaas

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