05 October 2005

swarm at vuspace

SWARM: A new media collaborative exhibition by Sue Kneebone and John

Swarm pays homage to the incredible range of forms and behaviours available in the natural world by borrowing from this diversity to create colonies of digital nano-machines. Swarm will simulate the motion and interaction of biological systems to create patterns of swarming behaviour among the created creatures.

Swarm considers the aesthetics and social consequences of nano and bio technology and in particular will look at the collective behaviour of swarms applied to realm of biotechnology, the hypothetical possibilities
of future adaptive purposes of nano-machines, possible individual characteristics of these creatures and the role of adaptive evolution in shaping their anatomy to suit their purpose.

Swarm will create fictive nano-machines and environments containing the swarms, which will be projected onto all surfaces of aaca chamber creating an immersive walkthrough environment. Computer screens
throughout VUSpace will allow the participant to interactively engage with members of the swarm in order to experience more intimately their individual and collective capabilities.

For more information, images or other enquiries please contact Tristian Koenig

Opening: 12th October, 4:30 - 6:30pm
Dates: 12th October - 2nd November
Hours: Mon - Wed, 1 - 5pm

Victoria University
St Albans Campus
Level 1 Building 9
McKechnie Street
St Albans 3021
+ 61 3 9919 2782


Losing Ground
by Sue Kneebone conveyed a message of ecological degradation due to unsustainable agricultural practices in Australia. The salt floor, mirrors and overlay of film and sound were a reminder of what is being displaced through environmental decay. The sound and images included river water, wheat blowing in the wind from the Wimmera region and morning chorus of birds from the Mallee. A bricolage of antiquated fragments embedded in the salt floor recalled evidence from the darkness of the colonial past and its ongoing legacy.

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