04 October 2005

playing flickr at club 11

Playing FLICKR is a public space installation by Mediamatic on the 11th floor of the PostCS building in Amsterdam.

The diners in bar/restaurant/club 11 will be subjected to the wrath of fellow visitors SMSing whatever keyword they want to the installation that pulls photos from the online community flickr and projects them onto Restaurant 11's huge panoramic screens.

Flickr.com is a friendly website where amateur and professional photographers alike can upload and share their images. The users tag their photographs with keywords, which makes it easy for other users to browse photographs and find images of their interest.

The diners in Restaurant 11 can use their mobile phones to submit a keyword of their choice, which will later appear on the surrounding screens with corresponding photographs so that while they dine the backdrop of the restaurant will be adapted to their personal wishes.

Playing Flicker is a concept of Willem Velthoven. The software is developed by Cuno de Boer at Mediamatic Atelier.

To find the phone number to SMS to, and see the installation, visit club/restaurant 11 on the Oosterdokskade 5, 11th floor, and having a look at the menu for further instructions. The installation is open daily from 8pm to 10 pm.

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