22 February 2007

Andy Warhol - Amsterdam

CINEMA / PARTY Andy Warhol Memorial

now on the twenty-year anniversary of Warhol’s death Amsterdam is also paying tribute to Andy.

The Andy Warhol Club is launched at 11 as a kind of sampler for the big Warhol exhibition at the Stedelijk this Fall.

If you’d rather enjoy some cinematic gems, swing by Filmhuis Cavia where you can enjoy ‘The life and times of Andy Warhol’ and more amazing documentaries and movies.

As for the day after: on Friday the 23rd Cavia is also throwing a Warholesque Factory party with modern-day video projections.

Filmhuiscavia, Van Hallstraat 52-I
11, Oosterdokskade 5

February 22 and 23

4 and 9 Euro


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