08 February 2007

Grafitti Research Lab - Rotterdam

Art Rotterdam
The International art fair of The Netherlands.

Feb 8 - 12, 2007

Art Rotterdam

Cruise Terminal Wilhelminakade 699,
3072 AP Rotterdam
Tel: 31 20 4201995
E-mail: hofhuyse@xs4all.nl


Rotterdam 2007 City of Architecture

In 2007 the theme of Rotterdam will be Rotterdam 2007 City of Architecture: a large-scale display that puts the unique architecture of the city in the spotlight. Rotterdam will be the stage for an entire year for exhibitions, events and excursions on architecture and will organise a special audio tour that leads you along 40 architectural high points. For the entire program, please visit www.rotterdam2007.nl.

The Netherlands Architectural Institute

Museumpark 25 | Rotterdam |t: +31 (0)10 440 12 00
Exhibition: Luminous buildings, Architecture of the night
27.01.2007 | 06.05.2007

Night architecture, or the architecture of light, occupies a central position in this exhibition. From the arrival of the first electric lights, expressionistic utopias and the night architecture of the 20s and 30s to the designs of today. The exhibition sheds light on the connections between technical possibilities, social developments, changes in taste and municipal problems. In Rotterdam lighting has played an important part even in the work of J.J.P.Oud and, of course, in that of Brinkman & Van der Vlucht, who designed the Van Nelle factory. Boasting the buildings of Wim Quist, Francine Houben, Wiel Arets, Renzo Piano, Norman Foster and of course, the Erasmus bridge of the UN Studio, the night skyline of Rotterdam is the most impressive skyline in the Netherlands.



For the upcoming 2007 edition, collaboration with studio Rijksbouwmeester will take place for the first time. They have invited the American art group Grafitti Research Lab (GRL) for a special art project during Art Rotterdam. Because GRL is involved in new ways of expression and provides commentary on and in the urban public environment - also called 'Urban Landscape'. They do this in cooperation with Eyebeam Systems; an organization aimed at promoting a cultural dialoque between art and science.

Owing to a technical leaning, they realize 'street art' that goes much further than the well-known spray-can graffiti. The urban landscape is transformed into something extraordinary, and is colourful and stylised - it is often presented with humour and/or a specific message.

The Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam is an ideal location for GRL's activities because of the strong urban and industrial atmosphere of the environment. The area has an historical character and is also still in development. During events such as Art Rotterdam, the Kop van Zuid is a hive of activity. The combination of all these ingredients ensures that this place is an extremely well suited platform for the art group. For the opening, GRL specially organizes a unique 'one-off' event that puts the spotlight on Art Rotterdam and the direct vicinity in a spectacular way.


Calling all writers, street artists, prankster, bikers, protesters, citizens and untouchables! The Graffiti Research Lab will be in Rotterdam from February 7th through the 10th. We’re taking control of the Renzo Piano KPN Telecom Building and turning the Kop Van Zuid into the People’s Revolutionary Green Laser Light District.

We are turning the 37 x 72 meter screen into a place to display your uncurated animations and graphics. The back-side of the KPN is becoming a giant open wall you can write on with a BFL (big fucking laser).

And throughout the week, the G.R.L. will venture outside the green zone on sorties to laser tag and projection bomb the city of Rotterdam on the BORF riot bike. Join us!

Check out our raw proof-of-concept laser tag R&D:

How to get involved:

If you are near Rotterdam, hook up with us on the opening night of the Rotterdamn Art Fair (February 7th) and contribute your hand styles to the KPN tower. Send us an email or cell number to megaohmresistor at hotmail dot com to receive electronic and SMS messages regarding the dates and times of actions in Rotterdam and Amsterdam in early February.

If you can’t make it to the Netherlands in February, send us your own animations and graphics for the LED facade on the KPN Building. The KPN Telecom building features a 70 meter tall low resolution LED facade. Send us your 22 pixel wide by 41 tall monochrome animated gifs or quicktime movies and we will convert them to work on the big screen. Animation will operate at 4 frames per second. No curation (except hate speech we don’t agree with) or any corporate logo. Submit you animations to fi5e at ni9e dot com. We need your animations by the 6th of February. We will document every animation and post video and flicks online.

For more information about the KPN building click on the links below:

Last night @ 2200 hours, the GRL laser-tag system went online and fully operational. The laser tag system status is GO and we are calling all writers in the Netherlands to please report to Rotterdam most riki-tik for training and deployment. The GRL will be turning over control of the system to writers, protesters, artists and the citizens of Rotterdam from the 7th to the 10th of February, starting each night around 1600 hours at the KPN building in Rotterdam. If you’ve ever wanted to catch a 20-story high tag with a laser beam, WE WANT YOU!

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