20 February 2007

Suzanne Vega in Second Life

On the 3rd of August 2006, Suzanne Vega became the first major recording artist to perform live within a virtual world in avatar form. Suzanne was interviewed by The Infinite Mind's John Hockenberry within Second Life.

This short video tries to catch the moment from the perspective of the audience of the avatars who, from their 'armchairs' around the world, shared this moment together, live.


The singer's avatar explains how her original acapella version of "Tom's Diner" became the basis for MP3s, then proceeds to sing it.


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In August 2006, Suzanne Vega will become the first major recording artist to perform live in Second Life avatar form. This forms part of a larger project sponsored by 'The Infinite Mind' (public radio show), which has hired 'Infinite Vision Media' to create a permanent presence in Second Life.


After some technical trouble getting her avatar to play the guitar (an audience member offers his), Suzanne Vega presents through her alter ego a rendition of her classic otherworldly fable to an audience in the online world of Second Life.


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