15 February 2007

Mikosa Foundation

Mikosa Foundation
De Wittenstraat 25/1
1052 AK Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone/Fax: +31 (0)20 4865824

Mikosa Foundation was founded in Amsterdam in 2005 by an international executive board. Based on our manifesto, we want to spread artists' works through different medias, expositions and special events: being a the firment for a box of contemporary art, bringing different styles and visual images together, ranging works from graffiti writers to internet designer and from street artists to video artists. All of them got one basic thing in common: their black book. This is usually filled up with unfinished artworks, the idea we transferred to our first long-term project: the Mikosa Magazine.

Each Mikosa Magazine consists 10 international artist. It is printed black on white on A4 paper, 48 pages in total and is only printed in a small run of a maximum of 500 pieces. The artists are free to give us the design of their choice and should do whatever they want with a focus on unfinished artworks. Therefore their works will be consistent with the handmade principle of the magazine. Everything is handmade, starting from the cutting and folding of the karton covers, through the usage of stamps till the individual painting on each issue and the final bindings of the magazine.

Furthermore each issue always comes with a special item that is related to the magazine and their artists. For Issue#01 we did the Mikosa Poster Collection, so every artist work is also available on an A4 poster. For Issue#02, the Mikosa Card Box was developed, a handmade carton box with an A5 off-sett print of each participant of the magazine. And for Issue#03 the artists developed the Mikosa Fabric, a special silkscreen on an A3 cotton.


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