10 February 2007

Austen Tayshus - Australiana 1983


Well Bill said he'd like a smoke. Nobody knew where the dope was stashed. I said "I think Merinos." But I was just spinning a bit of a yarn. Barry pulls a joint out of his pocket. Bill says "Great, Barrier Reefer, what is it mate?" "Noosa Heads of course. Me mate Adelaide 'em on me." And it was a great joint too, Blue Mountains away and his Three Sisters.

(Merino - Australian sheep) (Great Barrier Reef - The famous coral reef running down the coast of Queensland) (Adelaide - capital of South Australia) (Noosa Heads - a seaside resort in Queensland) (Blue Mountains - Mountain range outside Sydney) (Three Sisters - Landmark in the Blue Mountains, 3 pinnacle rocks)

Well I thought I'd roll one meself, I said "Chuck us the Tally Hobart". He said "They're out on the Laun, Ceston, can you get em for us?" Burnie says "Its okay mate, she's apples, I'll get em for ya"

(Tally Ho - Cigarette papers) (Hobart - Capital of Tasmania - Australian State) (Launceston - city in Tasmania) (Burnie - city in Tasmania) (Apples - one of the main export products of Tasmania)

Just then Alice Springs into action, starts to pack Billabong. And you wouldn't believe it, the bongs broken. I said "Lord Howe!"

"Hay-man" somebody says "Will a Didgeridoo?" I said "Hummmmm mummmm mummmmm mummmmm maybe it'll have ta."

(Alice Springs - capital city of the Northern Territory - near Uluru / Ayers Rock) (Billabong - water hole in the outback) (Lord Howe - Australian owned island off the east coast of Australia) (Hayman - Australian island on the Great Barrier Reef) (Didgerdoo - Aboriginal musical instrument) (Hummmm mummmmmm mummmmmm - sound the didgerdoo makes - long droning sound)
I look in the corner and there's Bass sittin there, not getting into it, not getting out of it, I said "What, is Bass Strait or somthin?"


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