21 February 2007


Merda’s distinctive autography is inscribed through precise line and shape, utilising harsh organics imagined by mathematics and rendered through abstracted and premeditated calligraphy.

His works on paper defy simplistic limitations.

He represents the finest elements of global pop-culture and incorporates an array of influences from futuristic sci-fi, international anima and historical and contemporary typographies.

Merda, 1351841 (2007) - Silkscreen

Working on an array of scales, Merda primarily models surfaces of the urban landscape. Through the application of anthropomorphic and animatronic trickery, transforming complex and precise text-like imagery into a labyrinthine form.

His most recent works include a billboard for Absolut Vodka and a mural at the Redbull Music Academy in Melbourne. This is Merda’s first solo exhibition in Australia and one that we should all embrace with passion and gratitude.

New works on paper and silkscreens representing the coded language 1351841.

An exhibition that should not be missed.

Artists' Reception, 8th March 2007 - 6pm till 9pm. The exhibition will run from the 8th March through to the 29th March at The Autopsy Gallery - 162 Carlisle Street, St Kilda East, 3183, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The Autopsy Gallery’s is located at 162 Carlisle Street, St Kilda East and is open from 12pm – 5pm weekdays and 12pm – 4pm Saturday.

All media enquiries to Jade Palmer (0421 707 625) or Darren Henderson (0420 319 373) or email the gallery.

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