01 February 2007

Samuel Tupou - QLD




My art practice revolves around the use of layers, pattern and colour. I use patterns directly derived from and inspired by traditional Tongan tapa design, set against bright plastic colours and found imagery from western popular culture. The resulting artwork reflects contemporary dilemmas of cultural identity. To produce my work I predominately use the medium of photographic silkscreen on perspex and plastics, using such commercial / light industrial materials allows me to further explore and portray the plasticity of western culture. My work is heavily inspired by traditional Tongan and Pacific Island Tapa cloth design. I have incorporated design elements such as layers of pattern and repetition of symbols and motifs into my work to create new tapa which speaks of immigration, westernisation and identity within a global context.


Critical essay by Kris Carlon 2005

Review by Steve Tonkin 2005

Samuel Tupou CV 2006

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