15 February 2007

book signing - amsterdam

GRAFFITI NYC by Hugo Martinez, NATO, Antonio Zaya
145 Illustrations in color Trim
Pub Date: November 2006
Featuring legendary writers JA, GIZ and RATE

Street art hits Europe this February with the release of GRAFFITI NYC, the definitive new text on one of the most controversial, and among the most important, art forms to emerge in the past half century. The landmark book's release will be complimented with special appearances and art events in Amsterdam, Berlin and London by the author, Hugo Martinez, and three of the leading graffiti artists working today, JA, GIZ and RATE.

On Saturday February 17 in Amsterdam, they will be creating their art on the exterior of the American Book Center, where the signing will be held.

GRAFFITI NYC takes readers on a tour of New York City, the birthplace and Mecca of graffiti. Martinez, a leading authority on the history of street art, has been a key figure in the development and documentation of New York street art since it emerged nearly 40 years ago.

Guided by the keen eye of graffiti artist and photographer NATO, his book offers a from-the-trenches look at the work of over 100 of the very best contemporary graffiti artists, or "writers," practicing today, with 145 pictures interspersed with quotations from writers, police, politicians and cultural commentators. A variety of portraits, action and lifestyle shots provide an unprecedented glimpse of this movement, its creators, roots and future.

Among the artists featured are VFR, SI, NETA, TECK, JA, COST, MQ, TRACY 168, KEZ 5, SKUF, COCO 144 and BRUZ. Those and many more are gathered in this ground breaking, unapologetic look at contemporary "graff."


American Book Center


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