07 August 2005

air pirates do disney

Late in this era a small group of artists created several comic books parodying the stories and characters of Walt Disney.

The Air Pirates Funnies and Dan O'Neills Comics and Stories became not only underground successes, but underground legends because of the artist's ensuing legal problems with the Disney Company.

Disney did not like the "filthy" actions of the underground Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, et. al., and sued on the grounds of trademark violation and copyright infringement.

The trademark violation charge was dropped around 1979, but the copyright infringement suit continued.

Even though the comics were obvious parodies (like the early Mad Magazine), the court ruled in favor of Disney, and the artists were sued for damages.

For a more complete story on the Air Pirates, go to http://www.comic-art.com/intervws/londart.htm .

The following are covers of those infamous comic books and a few of the spin-off comics. Click on a cover to see a larger image.

full story
and covers


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