13 August 2005

more (mis)appropriation

The theft of art and tall tales from Islamic websites are not the sort of thing you would expect to hit the Crikey bunker, but Patricia Piccinini – older sister of Mrs Crikey and prominent contemporary artist – has been quite shocked by developments over the past few weeks.

A few days later they received the first email referring to the use of one of Patricia's works – a cropped image from the sculpture The Leather Landscape – in a hoax. The hoax was posted on an Arabic language website www.alnilin.com and recounted the story of how a girl was transformed into an animal after throwing a copy of the Koran on to the ground.

The stolen image is actually a sculpture of one of Patricia's genetically-modified Meerkat creatures from her We Are Family exhibition that was a big hit at the Venice Biennale in 2003. At the launch at Federation Square in 2002, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer claimed the Meerkat "looked a bit like Paul Keating."

That was left field enough, but who would have thought that an unsuspecting multitude of Muslims have now been told it's what Allah does to little girls who disrespect the Koran?

from crikey.com

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