03 August 2005

download podcast-enabled feed content

If you're looking for a list of applications that can download podcast-enabled feed content, we present several for your consideration:
  • Doppler Radio for Windows. Handles audio, video, integrates with Windows Media Player.
  • iPodder for Windows, Mac, Linux. Handles audio, integrates with Windows Media Player on Windows PCs.
  • iPodderX for OS X. Handles audio, video, photos and optionally downloads to iPod.
  • JPodder for multiple platforms (Java-based). Handles audio, optionally transfers to iTunes and Windows Media Player for download to supported MP3 players.
  • Nimiq for Windows. Handles audio.
  • Primetime Podcast Receiver for Windows. Handles audio, integrates with iTunes and Windows Media Player on Windows PCs. Includes embedded media player.
from feedburner

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