29 August 2005

Kristian Burford - Nude Banned

From Artlink Magazine

Banned from sale in the USA
11 Apr, 2004

When Barnes and Noble were informed by our US distributor that there was a nude male on the cover of our March issue there were no ifs or buts - it was out before it even reached the bookshop. Artlink's only option - to put each copy in an opaque bag - was not acceptable to us and the stock has been retrieved and stored with the artist Kristian Burford in Los Angeles. This affair has been extensively commented on by the Australian media who while decrying the ban, have not shown the image in print for similar reasons! So far the only complaint from a member of the public in Australia was not upheld by the Classifications Board, who seem to recognise the lack of threat to public morals in this work of art. Artlink has received no complaints from subscribers or buyers, neither did we expect any.

As far as we are concerned, there is absolutely nothing to get excited about, except the fact that an Adelaide artist has a major work in an exhibition organised by the Tate in the UK, and touring to venues in Europe.

Pictures of nude men and women can be published in both Australia and the USA - as long as they are on the inside pages of magazines. Will Burford's work be placed behind a curtain at the Tate - I dont think so!

kristian burford

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