31 August 2005

The Girls Project

The Girls Project, a new initiative from Women Make Movies funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, is a unique and compelling collection of films and videos centered on girls' lives around the world. Recognizing the critical need for alternative, more complex portrayals of young women in media, WMM has assembled this collection as a response, a challenge and a call to action. From the classroom to community centers, these works increase the visibility of girls' experiences and celebrate their individual strength and collective power.

A mix of documentary, shorts and featurelength films, The Girls Project includes 25 titles that intimately and honestly portray the struggles and triumphs of young women from a crosscultural perspective. The Girls Project introduces young women to their counterparts around the world, encourages dialogue on a number of issues - including sexuality, peer pressure, cultural identity and body image - and presents a portrait of girlhood that is engaging, celebratory, and ultimately inspiring.


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