07 August 2005

grey area

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this is the official first vlog

the film is shot with a digital still camera, hand held
its edited in movie maker
stored on ourmedia
and blogged here

thanks to the guys at freevlog.org for the turorials
this one's about production, not content

1 comment:

duncan said...

well.. i don;t think the content is so bad.. it would be interesting to see some kind of narrative put together from loads of shots of graffiti, kind of like a wall based comic book!
in terms of production it's fine (even if i hate WMV files, mainly because it's impossible to quote from them (see mefeedia for stuff on quoting) and they have to fully download before you can watch them..
did you know there is a european videobloggers meet-up in amsterdam in september? there is a conference about it tonight
look here