03 August 2005

I/ON: Internet Video Console

As announced on videoblogging

"For the last seven (almost eight now!) months, I've been developing a desktop media aggregator (aka videoblog downloader/player). I'm happy to announce that the first public beta of *I/ON* is out, and its available for MacOS X and Windows XP, as a free download here: http://openvision.tv. You don't even have to give us your email address to get it!

I/ON is also the reason that the last entry to my own personal videoblog was over two months ago (argh!). In light of that, I have just posted a new video where I discuss I/ON with my collaborator, Jon Oakes. You can watch that here, if you'd like: http://openvision.tv/itcamefrombrooklyn

As I said before, I/ON is available for free, /*and */its also licensed under the _GNU Public License_, which means its _open-source_. I really wouldn't have been able to accomplish this work without the benefit of open-source, so we figured why not give something back?

A quick set of I/ON features for you, while you're considering whether
or not its worth your time to download:

* Subscribe to RSS 2.0 Feeds with Enclosures (of course) /and MediaRSS/ (Preview thumbnails, yay!)
* Integrated playback of Quicktime, MPEG/MP3/MP4, Windows Media*, and Flash* *windows only for now)
* Fast local searching, filtering of retrieved items
* Integrated searching and saving of clips from: Mefeedia, Yahoo Video, Blogdigger, and the Internet Archive (Archive.org)
* Bit Torrent Support (Works with Commonbits.org, any BlogTorrent/BroadcastMachine/DTV site, Prodigem, etc)
* A friendly, fun, easy-to-use interface! (we hope)
* Multiple ways to mark, forward, and share favorite videos with friends"

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