02 August 2005

gogofrog - free 3D websites

A Gogofrog site really is a Web site. Just a little bit weird. It's a 360-degree Web space that you can choose to navigate with the arrow keys.

To get started, first take a look at the Gogofrog Feature Sites or the Top 50 list.

Or look at some templates we've provided for the purpose of getting you up and running in no time. If you start from a template, you can always customize your site later if you want.


as noted in the SMH

Vincent Teubler of VTR Consulting has co-founded a novel web hosting and blogging service called Gogofrog. Teubler, design whiz Lorenzo Lorifice and engineer Glenn Mitchell have developed what they call a 3-D web space hosting service. The idea is that ordinary users can easily develop their own Flash-based 3-D websites that can be navigated by arrow keys or mouse.

We can't see the attraction of navigating in 3-D rather than plain old 2-D web browsing, but Teubler insists that business is all go-go at Gogofrog, with thousands of users building 3-D websites since the company's launch in April. The revenue model is not explicitly stated but we can glean that it's all about marketing merchandise and advertising to a registered subscriber base of 3-D website owners. We will see if this is just a temporary diversion or the beginning of Teubler's transformation from recruiter to webmeister.

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