07 August 2005

australia rules!!!!!!!

The second Anholt-GMI Nation Brands Index (NBI) report ranks the brand power and appeal of 25 developed and developing nations and is based on the opinion of 10, 000 consumers from 10 countries. Surveyed globally by market research solutions provider GMI, the NBI, led by nation brand expert Simon Anholt, is the first analytical ranking of nation brands based on worldwide public perceptions of a country�s cultural, political, commercial and human assets, investment potential and tourist appeal. More details at: http://www.nationbrandindex.com/

The second quarterly NBI report analyzes the brand values of more countries (25 compared to 11) than the first report published in May 2005. Australia, a new entry in the NBI, has replaced Sweden as the world�s strongest nation brand.


Complete ranking of all 25 nation brands:
1. Australia
2. Canada
3. Switzerland
4. UK
5. Sweden
6. Italy
7. Germany
8. Netherlands
9. France
10. New Zealand
11. United States
12. Spain
13. Ireland

14. Japan
15. Brazil
16. Mexico
17. Egypt
18. India
19. Poland
20. South Korea
21. China
22. South Africa
23. Czech Republic
24. Russia
25. Turkey

It seems that to be a top nation brand, the country needs to be stable, liberal, democratic and Western, with a tendency to neutrality. Australia is the top nation brand perhaps because it is more Swedish than even Sweden itself. It also appears that direct personal experience, for example visiting as a tourist, has the most positive effect on a person�s perception of a nation brand.
dont you love the way they released different versions for each country?
Download the Q2 NBI Report now.

NBI Q2 Australia Press Release
NBI Q2 Canadian Press Release
NBI Q2 French Press Release
NBI Q2 Germany Press Release
NBI Q2 UK Press Release
NBI Q2 USA Press Release

The australian press release reads

Australia ranks the number one brand in tourism, immigration, holiday destination and regional office location. Although Australians are the most popular employees, the stereotype still rings true; Australians are laid back, friendly and not the hardest working.

Among the key findings of the Anholt-GMI Nation Brands Index are:
  • The other countries surveyed found Australians the friendliest, most honest and hospitable nationality
  • Employers prefer to hire Australians
  • Australia is the world�s most powerful tourism brand
  • Australia is the world�s favourite place to invest and live
  • Australia�s primary export is seen to be food
  • John Howard�s government is seen as trustworthy
  • Australia is culturally famous for its pop videos!

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