02 August 2005



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This is how i distract myself from other things.
Some of my recent contemplations reminded me that i've always thought it would be interesting to try this little hack, so i put it together tonight. Have fun. (Try the "Test" link to use some sample material.)

What do you think? Found any good pages to use this on?

(Update: This and this turn out to be rather disorienting.)

(Update: Hmm. I'm going to BlogHer this weekend. I wonder if anyone there will find it interesting.)

(Update: This has moved. Please see the more recent entry.)

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Ping created a little hack that allows you to read websites with the gendered pronoun information swapped. It's a fascinating cognitive game because your brain is really used to certain assumptions about people based on gender. Spend a day surfing the web with the genders swapped and see when your brain starts itching.

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