04 August 2005

we've got deathstar

a jedi's gotta do what a jedi's gotta do

The Star Wars Gangsta Rap loosely mixes the plotlines of A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, satirically recreating several of the more famous scenes and dialogue. The Star Wars Gangsta Rap is played in the style of venerable rap group The Beastie Boys. It is quite similar to a typical Beastie Boys track in its backing intrumentation, the method in which the characters trade off lines, and the exact styling of the rap.The music video starts out with the back of the Star Destroyer. Then Emperor Palpatine's image comes out and says "it's not the east or the west side" and Darth Vader's image replies with "no it's not", this continues a few lines, then The Emperor threatens to blow up the planets of "all you Vader haters out there". Then it gets into the first main verse, with Darth Vader and the Emperor trading off raps to each other, then Darth Vader says, "he will join us or die, WE'VE GOT DEATH STAR!". Images of the Death Star flash in the background, and the line is repeated by stormtroopers, who do a gangster rap wave in the background.

interview with thomas lee

with more gangsta rap clips

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