30 July 2005

age & gender

Selected by Art Historian Frances Borzello, academic and commentator Germaine Greer, artist Jenny Saville, and gerontologist Dr Leonie Kellaher Art Age and Gender is a groundbreaking exhibition of women artists exploring ageing. Initiated to coincide with the UN Year of Ageing it is a timely intervention into a debate which, in many crucial aspects, affects women more than men.

The exhibition is of startling diversity. From over 250 original submissions 54 artists were selected ranging in age from art students to very senior citizens; from widely ranging backgrounds, culture and education. Working in media as different as Video, Ceramic, Painting, Textile, Photography, Glass, and even Knitted Steel Wool; the exhibition literally covers from cradle to grave.

The artists have written about their work and the often very moving and illuminating texts are shown alongside the work as well as in the catalogue.


Foundation for Women's Art

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