26 July 2005

blog to pod - talkr

Talkr is inviting bloggers to convert their text-only English-language blogs into podcasts using Talkr's free podcasting tool. The initial setup takes about 10 minutes, and the podcasts require no ongoing effort.

"Talkr takes text-only blogs and converts them into audio files," explains Chris Brooks, CEO of Talkr.com. "We then provide bloggers with tools to distribute these mp3 files as podcasts. However, we've always targeted a very narrow slice of bloggers, focusing on well-known blogs such as Jeffrey Zeldman and Corante."

"Now," continued Mr. Brooks, "we've decided to cast our net a bit wider. We are now inviting anyone with an English-language blog to create a podcast with Talkr."

Podcasting News has set up a live example of Talkr converting our RSS feed to a text-to-speech podcast.

Many companies have released podcast recording tools in the past several months. "Talkr is different" says Mr. Brooks. "Those other tools are great if you have the time and patience to install a new application and then record, host and distribute a podcast. However, many people don't have the time. If you already write a blog, Talkr will give you a podcast with little effort and zero cost."

Talkr allows anyone with an English language blog to create a podcast for free. Registration at the site is required.

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