17 July 2005

French Homework


Art or the World for the Second Time is a blank notebook, which considers ten questions on art and one 1000 citations of 561 authors which function as responses to the questions. This work was developed in 1997 by Horacio Zabala, Argentinian artist and one of the pioneers of conceptual art at the end of the 1960s. It is worth noting that this is the work of three artists from the Rio de la Plata Region (which includes Brian, Zabala and Ivanof and company.)
Babelfish English

The beauty and ugliness. Of the glance or things is property? (125 answers)

Y-a it a relation between art, death and time? (109 answers)

Contemporary art: dreams or insomnia? (98 answers)

Is the work of art a thing in more or one thing in less? (107 answers)

Our company misuses the images. What claims the overworked eye, the rest or the passage from one excess to another? (76 answers)

As ever, work, to exist socially, must fit in the world of art, a context impossible to circumvent of standards, obligations and verdicts. What do I have the right to hope, which must I make? (122 answers)

Is the contemporary work of art founded on amnesia or the memory? (69 answers)

In the world unification of the glances, nothing is more attracting than voyeurism and rapacity. Is the effect of the unification devaluing or tonic? (127 answers)

Is the artistic experiment marked by "I know what" or by "almost nothing"? (91 answers)

Indiscreet question: Who do you think of being, who would like you to be? (76 answers)

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