26 July 2005

ladyshave home edition

Ladyshave Home Edition started its life as collaboration between MAMA ands Cell Project Space, London, where it was shown this May-June.It asked a London audience to compare its preconceptions of Dutch womanhood with how artists from the Netherlands discuss female identity and gender. Ladyshave Home Edition, the substantially reworked and elaborated version of that project, offers a Dutch audience the same opportunity.

In the light of the "re-emergence" of gender politics, a notable feature in the programme of this summer's Venice Biennale and one of the most pressing current social questions for Dutch society, MAMA once again offers a timely thought-provoking project.Ladyshave Home Edition also gives conscious space to a number of the emerging generation of Dutch artists, including a number likely to be of interest to a Rotterdam audience.

from happy famous artists

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