06 July 2005

Max Ernst & the who?

"In response to those historical developments we attempt to reposition revolutionary art and thought. Our method is loosely grafted on psychoanalysis, which - in our view - has remained an effective method of analysis and a sound base for subversive thought and art since the days of early surrealism.

Missed Encounters is an inventory of missed opportunities in the avant-garde and counterculture, of lapses in revolutionary thought and art. We don't pretend to have created a complete survey of such missed opportunities. We realise that Missed Encounters contains only a handful of the possible fictitious collaborations. Our selection was determined by limitations of personal taste and availability of material; of course, many other fictitious collaborations are conceivable and some of those will be brought about in the future, as Missed Encounters is an open, ongoing project."

Missed Encounters

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